Heartbeat: Eight Weeks Old

“Will you hate mommy if she dresses you the same?” I asked them, pursing my lips as Harper grinned up at me. Dressing the babies had fast become one of my favourite things to do, especially when I could make them match in some way. Nothing made me happier than when people stopped me on the street to comment on how clever their outfits were.

I pulled a set of onesies out of their top drawer that read Drinking Buddies, each coupled with a cartoon bottle on the front. It would have been far more factually correct if there was a photo of my breasts on them, but Jane had warned me that was nowhere near socially acceptable.

“Whose going to be the cutest set of twins in the whole world today?” I asked the twins, looking down at their blank expressions. Sometimes it really felt like Bass understood me more than my own babies did sometimes.

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why’m I always acting timid and too careful?
please, before I tell you I’m not worth the worry, hurry.
hurry, hurry, hurry.

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Photoshoot [Part 22 / ?]

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All I want - Kodaline cover by Annabelle Russell

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I’m very obsessed with the idea of having a song that sort of bruises your brain. I love it when people say "I can’t get your song out of my head!" I want that!
~ Sara Quin (via be-you-proudly)
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Tegan and Sara - Europe June 2013 [OFFICIAL TOUR VIDEO]  (x)

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I feel the knife going in, I’m feeling anxious.

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They are sooo cute 

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If you’re a Tegan and Sara blog or you post Tegan and Sara stuff reblog this so I can follow you because I always need more Tegan and Sara

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Tegan Quin hair appreciation post 

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