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#kerfuffled #flipflops

  • Tegan: I wished that we had driven [from Toronto to Long Island], because it was a really small plane, and I was sitting in an aisle seat. It was just two-seater on my side, and this guy, who was like quite...like, kerfuffle--like, no, what's the word I'm looking for...he was, uh, ruffle, or uh...what's--
  • Sara: Disheveled?
  • Tegan: Disheveled! Thank you. He was kerfuffled and disheveled. And, uh...did you see that look on Sara's face? It was like I just...peed my pants on stage or something, and she was just like *makes face*
  • Sara: I don't think kerfuffled is a word. *laughs*
  • Tegan: It's a word! Kerfuffle, like you know, it's like...he caused a kerfuffle but he was just disheveled. But he, like, he was very rumpled, his clothes, and his - he was wearing flip-flops. Which I am fine about flip-flops, but I think you shouldn't be allowed to wear flip-flops on a airplane--
  • Sara: --he was very flip-flopped. He was just super flip-flopped.
  • Tegan: Yeah, he was flip-flopping all the way down to my aisle, and I was like, No no no no no! Cause I don't wanna see someone's toes two inches from my...feet! Like it's just - and he was quite a, like, tall man, and it was a tiny plane, and his leg - he sat down in a disheveled, kerfuffled, flip-flopped mess. And his leg was like, on mine, and his foot like was under my seat, and his arm *waves arm* he was like 'UHHHH', he went 'UHHHHH' like so loud when he sat down.
  • Sara: That's probably--
  • Tegan: [to a fan] Did you just say he's here?? *laughs*
  • Sara: That's probably what it's like to be married to him.
  • Tegan: And I just though--
  • Sara: --imagine, imagine what his wife thinks when he just gets all kerfuffled on top of her.
  • Tegan: I don't even care, and I don't even know, you could be a freaking, you could be like a physicai--a phyisicis--a physio--he could be something awesome
  • Sara: Wow, I don't know. He's a kerfuffler.
  • Tegan: *laughs* He could kerfuffle for a living.
  • Sara: He has a degree in kerfuffling.
  • Tegan: I didn't--
  • Sara: --he has a Ph.D.
  • Tegan: I couldn't--
  • Sara: It's crazy--
  • Tegan: --care less. The, I don't even care, he could be the most amazing person, he could adopt, he could have thousands of adopted children. His flip-flop...naked foot touched me, and I was like, NO! *laughter* So I--
  • Sara: That's intimacy.
  • Tegan: --just--
  • Sara: That's a lot of intimacy.
  • Tegan: It was a lot of intimacy, too quick. So I'm like--
  • Sara: --too soon.
  • Tegan: --'whoops!', cause I've got steel-toed boots, so I kind of was like, shoved my foot out and was like, 'Whoops! Better protect your flip-flopped foot!' or whatever, and he just looked at me and then didn't move his foot. And then he like, kind of like put his arm over top of the seat, or the arm rest thing, and I looked over at Sara, and Sara looked over at me, and I just was like 'No. No, no no.' Anyway, they closed the door, and Sara had an empty seat next to her, so she let me sit next to her, which was like pretty awesome.
  • Sara: I did, and then Tegan--it was weird because then Tegan brought--came over and she put her steel-toed boot on top of my foot, and I was just like, 'You're kerfuffling on my side'
  • Tegan: *laughs* Yeah.
  • Sara: 'I have no problem calling the flight attendant over and asking if you could be put back in your original seat.'
  • Tegan: No, it was fine. But it was weird because after we got off the plane, me and that guy made eye contact like thousands of times in the airport, cause I could tell--
  • Sara: Well, you kerfuffled. It's a big deal.
  • Tegan: He, yeah, I mean, yeah, maybe I hurt his feel--if he's here tonight I wanna say I'm sorry, sir, that I abandoned you, but...it was too much intimacy. And um...don't wear flip-flops on a plane. No. Today I actually just said they should get rid of flip-flops, I hate them. I hate the noise they make when you walk in them, eughh. I know, it's fine -
  • Sara: It takes a special kind of person to let a little *makes cross with fingers* like a stick in between your two toes, like eughh.
  • Tegan: Alright, alright, alright.
  • Sara: Who lets that - I don't understand what kind of person lets that happen to them, you know?
  • Tegan: I wish that people at the back could see the kind of motion Sara's making, it would really add to her story....This one's for everyone wearing flip-flops, I can see flip-flops, I saw this, yes, here *points*
  • Sara: Oh my god, everyone wearing flip-flops right now is like, braiding leaves together and creating shoes, like they're just like, 'I can't be seen in flip-flops.'
  • Tegan: Oh see, I thought you were gonna say everyone who's wearing flip-flops is on Twitter right now, being like, 'I hate @teganandsara.'
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Heartbeat: Eight Weeks Old

“Will you hate mommy if she dresses you the same?” I asked them, pursing my lips as Harper grinned up at me. Dressing the babies had fast become one of my favourite things to do, especially when I could make them match in some way. Nothing made me happier than when people stopped me on the street to comment on how clever their outfits were.

I pulled a set of onesies out of their top drawer that read Drinking Buddies, each coupled with a cartoon bottle on the front. It would have been far more factually correct if there was a photo of my breasts on them, but Jane had warned me that was nowhere near socially acceptable.

“Whose going to be the cutest set of twins in the whole world today?” I asked the twins, looking down at their blank expressions. Sometimes it really felt like Bass understood me more than my own babies did sometimes.

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why’m I always acting timid and too careful?
please, before I tell you I’m not worth the worry, hurry.
hurry, hurry, hurry.

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Photoshoot [Part 22 / ?]

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All I want - Kodaline cover by Annabelle Russell

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I’m very obsessed with the idea of having a song that sort of bruises your brain. I love it when people say "I can’t get your song out of my head!" I want that!
~ Sara Quin (via be-you-proudly)
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Tegan and Sara - Europe June 2013 [OFFICIAL TOUR VIDEO]  (x)

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